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Everyday Reasons to be Thankful

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Everyday Reasons to be Thankful

One of the keys to happiness is having gratitude for all the good things going on in your life. It is easy to get bogged down in the misery of everyday drudgery and not take a look around to appreciate the good things. Everybody has a few different things to be happy about, but some things are universal. Here is a life of things you can have gratitude about:

Being alive: Don’t take this for granted. Just walk by any cemetery or war memorial to say that not everybody is so lucky.

Being able to read this article: There are people even in the richest, most educated countries in the world who cannot read. You can, and that is something to be thankful for. So is having Internet access and an ability to read this piece.

Being free: You have the freedom to live your life, to believe what you want to believe, and to practice your religion, if you choose. You also have the freedom to say what you want to say.

Having family: If you still have parents and siblings around, and have good relations with them, that is something wonderful to have gratitude about. The same goes if you have children.

Having a significant other: Sharing your life with somebody else, if you have that, can be pretty wonderful. Don’t take this for granted. (If you do, talk to a friend on the dating scene, and you will change your attitude quickly.)

Having a job: If you have one that pays the bills, you are able to put food on the table and make a life for yourself. If you have ever been out of work, you know that this is something to be thankful for as well.

Having some money: If you have a little coin in your bank account, or even just in your pocket, don’t take it for granted.

Having a roof over your head: Just look at somebody sleeping on the street to appreciate that. Same goes with being able to eat a hot meal cooked on your stove from food in your refrigerator. Never take any these things for granted.