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How to Help Someone Living with Anxiety

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How to Help Someone Living with Anxiety

There is more than one anxiety disorder and none of them are the same. Each anxiety disorder has specific treatments and medications. If you know someone who lives with anxiety, here are a few ways you can help them cope.

Be as Understanding as Possible

If you don’t suffer from anxiety, the magnitude of how things affect a person living with anxiety may be difficult to understand. Avoid making them feel they don’t matter or should be ashamed for how they feel. Sometimes it is better to listen than give advice.

Show You Care

People who live with anxiety constantly have ups and downs which can be tiring. Sometimes they need to feel loved, appreciated, and know that at least one person cares.

Get Involved

Some people living with anxiety may have fears and concerns you don’t. You can help them cope by being their support group. Attend meetings or help clear their mind by going on an adventure or doing something productive.

Anxiety is a condition you can’t always see, but there are various symptoms you may frequently notice. One of the best things you can do for someone living with anxiety is to be there for them in any way possible.