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Unexpected Ways You Wreck Your Teeth

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Unexpected Ways You Wreck Your Teeth

You already know you can destroy your teeth by eating sugar and not brushing them properly. Neglect of oral hygiene contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. However, you may not realize there are several other ways you might wreck your teeth. “Chips, cracks, and pressure can result in a bacterial invasion, abscesses, and tooth loss”, according to the Lakeview and Chicago dentists at Smile On.

Holding your keys in your mouth

Have you ever had too many items to hold? If so, you might have placed one, possibly your keys, in your mouth. Clenching metal objects between your teeth is risky behavior. One slip of the jaw and tooth damage may occur. Consequently, when you have a lot to carry, use a bag. Otherwise, put things on the floor, which is better than jeopardizing oral health.

Chewing pens

Plenty of people chew pens, pencils, or other objects. As they do so, their teeth are under pressure, as are their gums. Again, a slip could result in damage, but the simple act of chewing anything other than food can also lead to decay. Chewing in this manner may be routine, and like other bad habits should be curbed. You might carry out this behavior when you want to focus or as a comforting gesture. Either way, choose to quit if you want to save your teeth.

Grinding your teeth

People often grind their teeth as they sleep, and are unaware of their behavior. Nonetheless, if you wonder whether you are a habitual grinder, and share a bed, ask your partner. Alternatively, consider how your jaw feels when you wake. Is it sore? Or aches perhaps? The chances are you dream about eating or have hidden angst. People sometimes pound their teeth or engage in a sawing movement due to anger. The answer is to ensure you aren’t hungry when you go to bed and deal with stress.

Using teeth like scissors

Your teeth can come in handy when you want to break off a piece of sellotape or snap thread. However, they aren’t designed to behave like scissors. Whether you need to open a food packet or something else, refrain from using your teeth if you want them to last.

Biting your nails

Do you realize there are lots of bacteria under your nails? Not only can you wreck your teeth by biting, but you can also introduce bacteria to your gums. Additionally, your nails might cut your gums, leaving another opportunity for infection.

Look after your teeth, and they will serve you well. On top of regular oral hygiene, refrain from using your teeth as tools, or chewing pens or your nails. At the same time, don’t put your keys between your teeth, and try not to grind them.